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Preventing Unfair Property Tax Increases

Any homeowner looking to sell knows all too well that home values are down. Yet, their property taxes continue to skyrocket. I supported legislation to more accurately calculate property tax rates and I voted to increase the value of property tax exemptions for homeowners and provide relief for seniors. Working families simply cannot afford to pay more, and I am pushing for new legislation to freeze property taxes when home values decline.

Creating Jobs and Encouraging Economic Development

Creating good-paying jobs is crucial to overall economic development and the revival of the state’s economy. I am working to promote DuPage County as a great place to do business and raise a family. I support tax cuts to small businesses in our communities to help them expand and targeted tax incentives that reward in-state job creation, not handouts to large corporations who take state tax breaks only to then move their jobs out of state.

Demanding Fiscal Responsibility

To help restore fiscal responsibility to state government, I am working to reform the way Illinois’ budget is crafted to increase transparency and respect tax payers’ hard-earned dollars. I voted over 70 times against an irresponsible state budget that relied on extending the state income tax increase and revenues that didn’t exist. The state budget should be in line with our expected revenues while helping to pay down our old bills and protecting vital services for senior citizens, veterans and students.

Reducing the Size of Government

Illinois has more local taxing bodies and more units of local government than any other state in the country, resulting in a complicated, inefficient, and expensive system of government. To increase government efficiency, I worked with local officials and community leaders in DuPage County to pass legislation making it easier for units of governments to consolidate and provide residents the same services for less money. 

Cutting Lawmaker Pay

It’s common sense that legislators shouldn’t get special perks, especially while so many families are sacrificing. I rejected an automatic cost of living increase and I support legislation to end free lifetime healthcare for retired lawmakers. Elected officials have an obligation to lead by example and a responsibility to serve with integrity.

Protecting Senior Citizens

While some politicians are wrongly calling for steep cuts to Social Security and Medicare, I am fighting to prevent slashing benefits that seniors have worked their entire lives to earn. Seniors should be able to enjoy their later years independently, comfortably, and with dignity. I supported reforms to the state’s Community Care Program to ensure that more seniors can continue to live independently at home instead of expensive nursing home care.

Defending our Children

As a mother and former volunteer teacher, I know that we have a responsibility to protect our children from potential harm. Unfortunately, dangerous sexual predators are a real threat to children. I support extended sentencing, which would allow a judge to keep sex offenders locked up beyond their release dates if they pose a danger to the public.

Deb Conroy