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My name is Deb Conroy and I am the State Representative of the 46th District.

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Like many of our neighbors, I was tired of watching politicians running our state into the ground and leaving behind a trail of debt for our children and grandchildren. To me, public service is about selflessly serving our community and looking out for our neighbors.

That’s why I ran for State Representative two years ago.

As State Representative, I’ve worked hard to change the way Illinois does business. To help save taxpayers money, I worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass laws that make it easier for government to consolidate services and eliminate duplicative programs.  I’ve opposed state budget plans that spend money that we don’t have, and I stepped up to prevent steep budget cuts to education and services for senior citizens and veterans.

I have only begun my work in Springfield.

I’ve been knocking on doors since my election in 2012 and I’ll keep going door to door, because understanding the unique needs and concerns of every single family in my district is important to me. I’m fighting for common sense legislation in Springfield that will put people back to work and make sure that middle class families aren’t burdened with unaffordable tax increases.

If I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet you at your door or speak with you on the phone, please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to discuss an issue important to you.

Contact me anytime at 630.909.9414 or If you’d like to keep in touch more frequently, you can also find me on Facebook.


Deb Conroy


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